Open weigh-in

In weight management of eating disorders, an open weigh-in involves the patients seeing the measurement of their weight (opposite of blind weigh-in). Open weigh-in represents a recent shift in weighing protocols for anorexic patients and is a basic component of the Maudsley/Family-Based approach to treatment. This has two goals: to provide an objective measure of progress toward recovery, and to use a potentially stressful procedure to strengthen the relationship between the therapist and patient. The underlying rationale is mobilization of family members as primary caregivers in a mutual effort to externalize the illness throughout the course of care. During treatment, the emphasis is on the direction of weight gain or loss (rather than specific weight targets at each appointment); and the return of menses in women. Source: Lock, Le Grange, Agras, Dare, Treatment Manual for Anorexia, pp 48,49.

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